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> Subject: [PHP-DB] A Real PHP problem for a change...
> That said, (Now on to actual PHP) I've noticed (in my own 
> scripting) and a few other problems posted here quite a bit
> of confusion with PHP's single ' and double " quotes.  Reading
> the material I was led to believe that
>       '   ' outputs exactly what is in the quotes and
>       "   " outputs variables and strings (etc..)
> Thus I become radically confused by this recent comment to 
> use '"$uname"'. 

I didn't see the context of the above comment, but

        <?php echo '"$uname"'; ?>

does exactly what I'd expect it to do based on the above rules.  It
outputs the literal string


> And furthermore the solutions to one of my MySql query 
> problems being adding single quotes ' ' to all the variables. 

Yep.  MySQL (and, in fact, just about any database) likes to have
non-numeric values quoted in a query string.

> Now by my understanding, thats not supposed to work. 

Here, I think, is where we can clear things up for you a bit by
explaining that the important quotes, the ones that determine which of
the two behaviors you listed will apply, are the *outermost* ones.


                $var1 = "cookies";
                $var2 = "milk";

                echo "$var1"; // outputs: cookies
                echo '$var2'; // outputs: $var2
                echo "I like '$var1'"; // outputs: I like 'cookies'
                echo '"$var2"'; // outputs: "$var2"
                echo "'Got $var2?'"; // outputs: 'Got milk?'

Get the idea?

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