I have a simple little corporate phonebook app that I developed in 
PHP4/mySQL, but our work department is only running PHP3 (and they 
want to leave it that way, for fear of breaking other PHP apps ... 

Anyway, the following code snippet produces this error message when I 
run it in PHP3:

   Parse error: parse error, expecting `STRING' or `NUM_STRING' or 
`'$'' in subs3.php3 on line 50

Here's what line 50 looks like, with a bit of surrounding syntax, and 
the dbquery routine, in case that's the problem.  line 51 causes the 
same problems (both are shown on multiple-lines, but they're one line 
in the source file)

... various bits deleted ...
function dbquery($sql) {
    $db = mysql_connect('localhost','foo','bar');
    @mysql_select_db('phonelist') or die();

    $result = @mysql_query($sql,$db);
    if (mysql_errno() == 0 && !empty($result)) {
                 return $result;
         } else {
                 return "There was an error";

function searchit($sql) {
    global $words,$howsort,$first,$last,$dep,$ext,$mgr;
    $result = dbquery($sql);
    $nrows = mysql_num_rows($result);
    if ($nrows > 0) {
       ... various bits deleted ...
       for ($x=1;$x<=$nrows;$x++) {
          $A = mysql_fetch_array($result);
           if ($A["ismgr"] == "Yes") {
**50**       print "<tr bgcolor=#66FFFF><td>{$A["fname"]}</td>" .
               "<td>{$A["lname"]}</td>" . "
               <td>{$A["dept"]}</td>" . " <td>{$A["manager"]}</td>" .
           } else {
               print "<tr bgcolor=#CCFFCC><td>{$A["fname"]}</td>" .
               "<td>{$A["lname"]}</td>" . "<td>{$A["dept"]}</td>" .= "
               <td>{$A["manager"]}</td>" . "<td>{$A["extension"]}</td></tr>\n";
           print "</div>";
       ... various bits deleted ...

If anyone can help me "back convert" this routine into something PHP3 
likes, I'd be greatly appreciative!  It runs fine in PHP4, so I know 
the code works (even if it's not the most elegant of examples).  I'm 
not a developer by trade, and I've never used PHP3, so I'm not sure 
what could be different that's making it go crash.  I've checked the 
FAQ's and searched the annotated documentation, but I must be missing 
something basic.


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