Hi All,

I hope I am not being a lot OT and will be forgiven by those who might 
think I am,
and posting only on php-db list for which I am a regular subscriber.

The question is a very basic one regarding the *Art of getting Projects* :)
I am an independent developer for two years and looking for some mentoring
or some advice. It has taken two years for me to realise that knowing
how to develop with PHP and MySQL  and javascript and a few others
(and even being quite good at that) is not
enough to be successful at getting projects.

If you feel that you can give some advice, suggestions, ideas please do so.
Also if you feel that they may not be of general interest to this list 
please reply
on my email id only.

I have no intentions of giving up :) but some times a bit of frustration 
does creep in.
Also I would like to tell that I am living in a place in  India and don't 
have any local market for these here.


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