I'd like to use PHP4 on IIS to access a MSSQL7 server, but i have problems
reading large text fields :

- "nvarchar" fields are truncated to 255 chars.

- "ntext" fields generated the following error message :

Warning: MS SQL message: Impossible d'envoyer les données ntext aux clients
utilisant DB-Library (par exemple ISQL) ou ODBC version 3.7 ou antérieure.
(severity 16)
(English : Unable to send ntext data to clients using DB-Library (for
instance ISQL) or ODBC version 3.7 or previous.)

I also tried to use built-in ODBC driver :

- "nvarchar" fields have correct size.

- "ntext" fields generate the following error message :

FATAL: emalloc(): Unable to allocate 1073741824 bytes

Thanks for help.

Manuel Prieur.

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