Hi Liz, thanks for the reply! I have tried this, as well as
added to this approach, but I am still not sure what to do
with the results of the query (count, sum(*)) to produce
the needed final output ("5 chose A for answer1", or "20%
chose A for answer1").

Using the code below with my additions quickly added up.
Something like 16 lines just for answer1 :(

$result1A=mysql_query("SELECT answer1 FROM $table_name WHERE answer1 LIKE
print $row1A;

$result1B=mysql_query("SELECT answer1 FROM $table_name WHERE answer1 LIKE
print $row1B;

etc. etc. 

I am getting '0' or '1' back from the db as my output, I think I need to
somehow get this into an array, or ? then perhaps add a while {} loop
but I am still quite lost :(

Thanks again,

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I'm not sure if this will work (I'm pretty much new to this myself) but try 
something along the lines of the following (I have a similar query going in 
one of my scripts).

$query = 'select answer1 from acct2301 where answer1 like 'A'';
print $results;


(let me know if it works!)

At 10:30 AM 4/11/2001, COMMONS, PHILIP wrote:
>Hi, first post :)
>I have an interesting project. I have a basic form passing answers
>into mysql. I have a db with multiple tables, each table contains
>several fields, but I am only concerned with 16 of these fields
>which contain the answers "A" "B" "C" "D" etc., not all fields
>contain the same number of answers (ie; some answers have A-G,
>some only have A-D to choose from). My problem is extracting the
>number of people that chose "A" for answer1, "B" for answer1, etc.
>Here is the layout:
>acct2301 (table)
>answer1-answer16 are my fields
>username        answer1 answer2 answer3 answer4 answer16
>joeblow A         F         A           E         C
>someguy A         E         B         B   C
>joeuser B         A         E         A   D
>someone D         C         D         A   A
>I have everything completed as far as getting the answers into the
>tables,I just can't figure out the best way to extract the answers
>and determine how many chose a given answer for each question.
>I have seen some examples using count(*), and (sum) I am thinking
>I need to first determine how many A's, B's etc. then perform a
>count on the result of that, but that is as far as I have been able
>to get.
>Ideally a percentage function would be nice (20% chose A for Answer1,
>Thanks for any help, I sure need it!

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