on 4/12/01 8:40 AM, Quentin Krengel ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I have found examples of building a dropdown list, and have found examples of
> reading a mysql table, but am looking for examples of creating a drop-down
> list with the results of a mysql query.  Ie, I have an admin screen where
> partners are added, and want to store the partners in a mysql table
> (maintained by an admin page).  In my "add account page" I want to build a
> dropdown list using the output from the "partners" mysql table.

You might want to try a little script I wrote called s2s.  You can
view/download it here:


It may work for you "out of the box" but if not, it shouldn't be hard to
modify for your use.

> Thanks in advance for the help, and if you reply, please tell me where your
> favorite php<->mysql tutorial is.

I like devshed.com tutorials.  The format they use is very nice and easy to

Hope it helps,

Paul Burney

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