Try this: Ask for the length of the data returned by your SQL-Query.

$fieldcontent = odbc_result($yourResultID,"YourField")
if len($fieldcontent)=0 then...

If Lenght of Datastring is Zero then the string is really empty.

Happy eastern, Joerg Andreas

"Randall Barber" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
When I run a query, even if it is empty I still get a valid identifier for
the result.

How do I determine that there is nothing in the result, even though the
result is valid (just empty)?

I thought about odbc_fetch_row, but that moves the pointer forward and I
don't want that; there may be valid info.
I tried odbc_result'ing a COLUMN and it returns NULL not error, so I can't
test against that.

One thought is to see if all columns in my query are NULL and then "No rows
were found".  Is there a simpler way?

How does odbc_result_all determine there is nothing present?


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