I am using PHP4.0.0 on Mysql3.23.31 on a RH6.2(kernel2.4).

I am unsuccessful in attempting to have the FORM work with POST method, while there is 
a <select> with <option> alongwith other variables that I am accepting directly from 
text fields.
Its something like this
<form action=analyse.php method=post>
<select name=xxxx>
        / / I try to  populate from a table in MySQL (which works)--
        / / like this, which is in a loop--getting tableid and tablefield
         <option value=$tableid>$tablefield</option>
My problem starts here when I accept other variables before posting the form contents.


<input name=xxx type=text>

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Proceed">

In my analyse.php, when I try to list out the various variables posted from here, it 
doesn't show up. I even tried adding all the variables as input type=hidden before 
submitting the form, but it still doesn't show up.

When there is no <select> </select> section, the whole variables show up.
Where could I be wrong ? 


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