Hi !
I think the only way to do one query is DO one query into the sesission
variable array
and create index of current shown row and so you will get it works.

session_register ("storage_array"); storage_array = array();
session_register("curr_idx");    $curr_idx=-1;

# your select here into storage_array, now you get
# storage_array["COLUMN_NAME"][0] = something

so in client's page you write:
echo storage_array["COLUMN_NAME"][$curr_idx];

By, Aleksey

""Doug Schasteen"" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
As you all know, PHP is stateless. Meaning that once the script ends, all
connections are closed and the program is done.

I have a project where I need to do just 1 query to oracle, but only get one
row per page. So on the first page it does the query and says "20 results
total" and shows the first selected row. Then I click next and it brings up
the second row. I'm only supposed to show one row at a time. I can probably
cheat and parse the query on each page, but I'd like to find out from you
nice folks if its possible to do it with just one query. My guess is that I
would be using a persistant OCI connection and an oracle package/procedure,
but I'm not familiar with either of those enough to know if its possible or
not. Or maybe I could store my parsed query in a PHP4 session? Thats another
thing I am not very familiar with at this time.

Any info would be helpful. This project is due on wednesday so I need the
help ASAP.


- Doug Schasteen

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