Go to www.thickbook.com, look at JM's tutorials and pick the one where she 
talks about custom error messages. It's exactly what you want. IN fact, 
here's the exact URL, but it is a site worth looing around:


At 06:35 PM 4/16/01 +0100, DC wrote:
>Hi All
>Firstly thanks to the people who have helped in the past with my
>My issue:
>I have a registration script which allows new users of a site to become a
>All works very well BUT if a new user just hit enter on the blank form then
>a new account is created with all fields except the id field blank allowing
>anyone just to hit enter a gain access.
>I have search the MySql docs, Php.net docs, this and other NG's but i can't
>find the solution to this.
>And how can i carry forward the username to be shown on all pages after
>sucessful login.
>I thank you in advance
>Dave C
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