On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 05:52:53PM -0400, Peter J. Krawetzky wrote:
> How do you move the database files to another location in MySQL?  I am
> running Redhat 7.1 with MySQL version 3.23.33.

You ask the appropriate list @ [EMAIL PROTECTED]  

Of course by the time you do so, you have already searched the archives
@ http://www.mysql.com/documentation/searchlists.html

As well as simply looking on the site @ http://www.mysql.com

Jason Stechschulte
Randal said it would be tough to do in sed.  He didn't say he didn't
understand sed.  Randal understands sed quite well.  Which is why he
uses Perl.   :-)  -- Larry Wall in <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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