What did you change? Should equip_id and vendor_id be $equip_id 
and  $vendor_id repectively?

If you run the SQL at the database console, what results are returned?

Have you checked the value returned by mysql_num_rows( $result )?

Have you tested to see if you have values in $row[ equip_type ], $row[ 
timestamp ], etc.?

I'd suspect your query, as the call to extract() is pretty straightforward. 
I've had $result assigned a value when no rows were returned.


At 10:40 AM 4/19/01 +0800, Shahmat Dahlan wrote:
>$sqlstmt ="SELECT, equip.equip_type, ";
>$sqlstmt.="equip.brand, equip.model, ";
>$sqlstmt.=", stock_in.po_no, ";
>$sqlstmt.="stock_in.vendor_sales_no, stock_in.cust_po_no, ";
>$sqlstmt.="stock_in.serial, stock_in.warranty, stock_in.date_received,
>$sqlstmt.="stock_in.remark, stock_in.timestamp ";
>$sqlstmt.="FROM stock_in, equip, vendor ";
>$sqlstmt.="WHERE and and
>'$id' ";
>$sqlstmt.="ORDER BY ASC";
># print $sqlstmt;
># print $result;
>If I do the above, I get the results below:
>Warning: Wrong datatype in call to extract() in
>E:\winnt\temp\stock_in.php on line 39
>I've went through the query, and it seems alright. It worked previously,
>now all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore.. Can anyone help me out.
>Thanks in advance.

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