** Note: This server config and usage is NOT intended to run a FTP or
webserver. Just a test of running Apache on a Windows machine **

Recently I downloaded and installed Apache 1.3.19 (the
apache_1.3.19-win32-src-r2.msi file from
http://httpd.apache.org/dist/httpd/binaries/win32/) on my Windows ME machine
and it works perfectly. No errors, setup for the right directories, and
works when I goto http://myipaddress.

After installing Apache and making sure it was shut down, I installed PHP
4.04pl1 (php404pl1-installer.exe from www.php.net) without any errors.

Now here is my problem.. I think I setup everything properly and followed
the README exactly, but the next time I ran Apache and uploaded a .php file
and clicked on it via a web browser, it asked if I wanted to "Open or Save
the file from the Current Location" instead of parsing it. I also noticed
when I did a look up on my server, it didn't have PHP next with the rest of
the info like Apache 1.3.19 (Win32)

Does anybody know a solution? I am willing to show you my httpd.conf and
php.ini if you like. Thanks for your help.

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