Hello Johannes,
on 19.04.2001 you wrote:

> hi,

> OCIExecute() executes a previously parsed statement. (see OCIParse(). The
> optional mode allows you to specify the execution-mode (default is
> OCI_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS). If you don't want statements to be committed
> automaticly specify OCI_DEFAULT as your mode.

that's right, but had anyone of you the same problem i had ? consider
the following situation: using persistent connections and specifying
OCI_DEFAULT works quite okay, but subsequent calls to OCIExecute
remain in the OCI_DEFAULT state, whether or not you specify
OCI_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS. this means that executes made with this call
remain uncommitted. Even more, scripts that reuse the connection are
not able to do normal queries with this connection.

Am I doing something really nasty, or is this just a feature i don't
understand ? Tested PHP versions were 4.0.3pl and 4.0.4pl1 both on
FreeBSD and Debian ...

Hope somebody knows about ...


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