Much of the "how to" will depend on the linux you go with. For example,
on red hat 7 its all there and installable via RPM's so many of the
tutorials on setting it up dont apply unless you dont use the available
RPMs and you install via source. If your new to Linux, you may want to
just find one that does the install for you and then you dont really
have to worry about it.

        One of the biggest obstacles to overcome comming from a windows
environment is making sure your hardware is fully supported. Some
devices can make installing linux a pain. Most linux distributions will
have hardware compatability lists as well.

Larry H

Ben Cairns wrote:
> I have nearly 18 Months devel on Windows, but we are now moving to Linux,
> I have never installed PHP On Linux before, so could someone pls give me an
> 'Installation Guide' to follow for PHP With MySQL Support, on Linux,
> Also, I would like to know what I have to do with MySQL: You know, what files
> go where etc...
> Thanks.

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