I'm internet-databasing for over a year now and only used MySQL up untill
Last week I spoke with a guy that was interested in running Interbase on a
so I've got a couple of questions...

1.> Can interbase be installed and run on every Unix-type (BSD)?
    I've taken a look on the borland site but they only speak of Linux and
2.> How stable is it comparing to MySQL when running on Unix (bsd)?
3.> Is it possible to run MySQL and Interbase on the same server?
4.> What are the differences between Interbase and MySQL?
5.> Does PHP have the same capabilities for Interbase as for MySQL?
6.> How difficult is it to install a binary (not found on Borland site) or
    to compile it from source for a BSD-server?
7.> What's the difference between managing Interbase and managing MySQL on a
8.> Does anyone know hostingproviders that support Interbase?
9.> Why would anyone choose Interbase when they can use MySQL on the same

I hope anyone can help me!

Thanks in advance...

Bart Verbeek

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