> I currently use PHP4/IIS to access a MS-SQLServer 7.0 with "mssql_*"
> functions ("php_mssql70.dll" extension).
> I plan to move my website on PHP4/Apache/Linux, and I am wondering if thoses
> functions will work and how, as I didn't find any explanations on it in
> documentation.
I think the functions could work very well, but they will be totally 
useless since it does not exist a linux client for Ms-Sql. 

Porting your app to linux will require also the use of a different 
backend (I hope you used a DB abstraction layer).

If this is not feasible, your only choice to access to MS-Sql from 
linux is using an ODBC client ported to linux (but you will have to 
chenage your code as well). You will find them easily on the list 
archive, I don't remember well the names and I don't want to give 
you a wrong link.

HTH, bye


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