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> Subject: [PHP-DB] How I can use multiple results in MySQL
> I'm cann't using query to MySQL like this:
> SELECT name FROM cia WHERE region =
> (SELECT region FROM table WHERE name = 'Brazil');
> And
> SELECT name FROM table WHERE count =
> (SELECT max(count) FROM table);
> I want to select COLUMN_NAME in TABLE where ID is max,
> how I can do it?

MySQL doesn't support sub-selects.  

However, in many cases you can get the same result by either
reorganizing your queries or creating a temporary table.  For more info,


For example, your first query, rearranged to use joins, might wind up
looking something like

        SELECT cia.name
        FROM cia, table
        WHERE cia.region = table.region 
        AND table.name='Brazil'

For the second, I'd do something like

        SELECT name
        FROM table
        ORDER BY count DESC
        LIMIT 1

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