Hello PostgreSQL users,

I'm testing PostgreSQL 7.1 and PHP4.0.4pl1 on Linux.   It's really worth to

Besides PostgreSQL 7.1 supports any size of text, WAL, many bug fixes, better
pg_dump/restore, etc. PostgreSQL 7.1 can provide more backends on the same box.
A box, which could set to max 70 or less backends, can set upto 3000+ backends.
The box would not be able to handle 3000 db connections, but it is really nice
to have more db connections for web applications. 7.1 also seems much faster
than 7.0.3. Text type with large data can consume a lot of CPU time. BLOB is
suitable to store really large data.

If you are using Windows, you are better to stay with 7.0. You will see error
message with pg_errormessage() even if there is no errors. Wait or compile
php_pgsql.dll with 7.1 libpq. (I don't have environment to compile it. If anyone
has php_pgsql.dll with 7.1 libpq for PHP4.0.4pl1, could you tell where to get or
send it to me?)

Yasuo Ohgaki

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