This will probably sound simple to all of you but I am hitting my head on
a brick wall so far :-).

I need to generate a list (sorted by descending time) of different objects
referenced in multiple tables. All those objects share a key related to a

This works splendidly from a single table :

$sql="select * from storyboards, where spot_id = \"$spot_id\" order by
date_posted desc";
$qt_title = $row["title"];
$qt_duration = $row["duration"];
$qt_date_posted = $row["date_posted"]; //(timestamp)
$qt_description = $row["description"];
$qt_id = $row["quicktime_id"];

Is there a mysql query that would allow me to stack complete rows in
multiple tables at once (It seems more elegant because I can sort them
while extracting them) or is there a way in PHP to concatenate results in
a single array and then sort them by time... ?

I tried to use a join query, wich produced an invalid query error. (I
think it tries to produce a table with merged data, not just a stack of

$sql4="select * from quicktimes, other_images, storyboards, where
quicktimes.spot_id, other_images.spot_id, storyboards.spot_id =
\"$spot_id\" order by date_posted desc";

thank you for your help !

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