Check your MySQL docs for exact syntax on table creation ... then:

Connect to the database
Build a SQL statement that does what you want:
     $sql = "CREATE TABLE blah, blah ......";
Execute the statement:
      $result = mysql_query( $sql );
and check for errors, etc.

Alternately, if this is a Linux box and you can get telnet or SSH access 
(TerraTermSSH from Windows) you can execute this code directly


At 08:00 AM 4/25/01 +0200, Herman Wapenaar wrote:
>Hi everyone
>I am using a website based in the states to which is PHP enabled. I am using
>Is there a way to create a table with PHP? I do not see any command for
>I have loaded MySQL for Windows but the server runs MySQL on Unix. I don't
>know if the file structure is different. Maybe that is why I can not read
>Herman Wapenaar
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