what is your SQL select statement ?


--- johndmiller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ok here is my problem.  I have this database and the
> key is comprised of
> two fields, filename and path to file.  When I read
> based on this key, I
> get 0 records found. When I insert the same record,
> it will say that the
> key already exists.(which id does).  Why can't MySql
> findthe record.
> Also when I log into MySql and type the search in
> manually, it doesnot
> find it, then when I put a wild card at the end of
> the path and use "like"
> MySql finds the record.  The File name and Path are
> derived from the
> system so it is not atyping error.  Any know what is
> up with it

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