*gmpf* I even can't copy&paste today, maybe I should go to bed again!

Of course it should  be: '--with-mysql=shared,/usr'

|Shouldn't it be "--with-mysql=..." ?
|At 09:17 AM 4/30/01 +0200, Newsletter wrote:
|>Hi there,
|>we have the same problem on our Debian.
|>In the top of the output of phpinfo() says "-with-mysql=share", but
|>there is no section with mysql and the settings further down.
|>Maybe someone knows the answer!
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|>|Betreff: Re: [PHP-DB] Fatal error: undefined function
|>|I am having the same problem.  I followed the advice of the
|>|message below(<?
|>|phpinfo()?>), and can only find any mention of mySQL in my
|>|Configure area.
|>|It shows that I configured it with "-with-mysql=share".
|>|What is the next
|>|step to solving this?
|>|Here is some more information that may be usefull.
|>|RedHat 7.0
|>|Apache 1.3.x
|>|PHP 4.04 compiled with Apache, not as a dynamic module
|>|time and suggestions much appreciated
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