Somehow I picked up a copy of the emanuel virus, and like a damned fool, 
clicked on it last night.

It immediately started Eudora and tried to distribute itself to anything 
that looked like an email address. Fortunately Eudora is set so that emails 
don't go out without me looking at them first.

If it did escape, and got sent to any of you, my humble apologies. Look for 
emanuel.exe; if you have multiple copies it serializes itself, 
emanuel1.exe, emanuel2.exe, and so forth.

The NT system here was getting pretty creaky. So, with all my data backed 
up and network settings recorded, I'm about to format C:, reinstall NT and 
then start looking for all those little utiities I've gotten so used to. <g>.

Once again, if it got passed to any of you, through me, my apologies. I 
wouldn't trust my anti-virus software on this, I could find any reference 
to it at Symantec. Maybe it has another name?

Feeling like a leper - Miles Thompson

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