I used function dbase_xxx to access foxpro database (.dbf) but it's not
Here is my code :
  if (dbase_open("/home/benny/test/employee.dbf",0)) {
    for ($i=1; $i<=dbase_numrecords($open); $i++) {
      $rec = dbase_get_record($db, $i);
      $nf  = dbase_numfields($db);
      for ($j=0; $j < $nf; $j++) {
        print $rec[$j]."<br>\n";
Everytime I call this page there's a message :
        Warning: unable to open database /home/benny/test/employee.dbf in
/home/benny/htdocs/foxpro.php on line 2
I used php 4.0.4 and Visual Fox Pro 5.0.
Before that I have mounted my foxpro dbf file to my linux in the
/home/benny/test directory.
Is there anything wrong?
Anyone could help me?



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