I have the following code


$alphalist = array ("A"=>"A", "B"=>"B", "C"=>"C", "D"=>"D", "E"=>"E",
"F"=>"F", "G"=>"G", "H"=>"H", "I"=>"I", "J"=>"J", "K"=>"K", "L"=>"L",
"M"=>"M", "N"=>"N", "O"=>"O", "P"=>"P", "Q"=>"Q", "R"=>"R", "S"=>"S",
"T"=>"T", "U"=>"U", "V"=>"V", "W"=>"W", "X"=>"X", "Y"=>"Y", "Z"=>"Z");

$exemptlist = array ("Q"=>"Q", "V"=>"V", "X"=>"X", "Z"=>"Z");

reset ($alphalist);
reset ($exemptlist);

while (list ($val) = each ($alphalist)) {

    if ($currltr <> $val) {

        $smlval = strtolower($val);

      echo "<a

    } Else {

      echo "$val&nbsp;&nbsp;\n";




This a header and footer for a bunch of pages. A quick explanation is...

For the page that is displayed don't show the letter as a link.

Now what I want to do is show the letters in the $exemptlist as non links as
(because there a no pages for these letters, and yes I still want them

Eventually I will pass the exempt values from the main page so the exempt
will change depending on what I'm doing with the pages.

PS I'm new to this so please be gentle 8-)

Any one have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Howard Picken

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