Can anyone help me please with this error?

"ODBC -- call failed.
[TCX][MyODBC]Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server 

More details:

1) - stands for all computers on our network (10.250.1.*)
2) The computer trying to access the MySQL server is running Win2000, MyODBC 2.50 + MS 
Access 2000.
3) The MySQL server is running RH 7.0 with Nusphere 1.3.18.
4) my.cnf file in /usr/local/nusphere/mysql/ contains the following lines:
host                    =
user                    = root
#password           =                 ; no passwd needed
port                     = 3306
socket                 = /tmp/mysql.sock

Should there be any lines added?
I've verified and  there seems to be no problems regarding firewall rules on our 
router or Linux box. I may add that on the RH 7.0 box, the "telnet 0 3306" cmd works 
just fine!

Any help would be apreciated! Thx!

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