I was wrestling with this for a while.....
There is a db2 distribution for linux from IBM
There was some extensive discussion on the list in February
and March of this past year, including a set of files from
Alessandro Grigiante and compiling php with   --with-ibm-db2=<path>
(i.e. using db2 instead of odbc, though some may argue thats out
of the frying pan and into the fire?????)
I ended up putting our project on hold for a bit (as I think did Zvi)
but I would be very interested to hear any details  concerning
use of odbc or ibm-db2 to talk to db2-400

Andrew Hill wrote:

> You still need a driver for PHP to use
> with the Driver Manager, however, and there is not currently an ODBC driver
> that will talk to AS/400 directly.

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