i've got a really annoying problem with php.

i need to generate a report that is quite complex and have done 99% of the
work but am stuck on the final leg.

what i need to do is extract the last visit of training staff from an
appointments table. simple you might think.

the sql "selelect max(start_date) from appointments where cdb=2044 and
start_date < now()" works fine in pgsql. (cdbs are customers.)
but does not work in php.

start_date is stored in postgresql as a timestamp.

the current query on the page looks like this:

for ($x=0; $x<$numcdbs; $x++)
        $cdbarr = pg_fetch_array($cdbs,$x);

// get last visit from appointments table
//$now = gmmktime("Y-m-d");
$date = gmdate("Y-m-d h:m:s",time());

$lastv = pg_Exec($conn,"select max(start_date) from appointments where
cdb=".$cdbarr["cdb"]." and start_date < '".$date."'");

print "select max(start_date) from appointments where cdb=".$cdbarr["cdb"]."
and start_date < '".$date."'<br>";

if ($numlastv > 0)
        $lastvdets = pg_fetch_array($lastv,0);
        $lastvisit = gmdate("d/m/y",strtotime($lastvdets["start_date"]));



the code is returning $lastvisit at 08-05-01 in all cells ...

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