I believe that this is the default and only possible behavior.  The browser 
won't return the cookie value until another page is loaded.  But since you 
set the cookie on that page, you should still have access to the variables 
you used to set the cookie right?

 From the manual:

"Cookies will not become visible until the next loading of a page that the 
cookie should be visible for."


At 04:56 PM 5/11/01 -0700, David Balatero wrote:
>I have a login script that sets a cookie on your hard drive...the only
>problem is, the cookie only comes into effect after I've clicked thru to
>another page from login.php...any ideas on this? My (abridged) code is
>header("Set-Cookie: LoggedIn=1; path=/;");
>header("Set-Cookie: GHSUserName=$username; path=/;");
>header("Set-Cookie: GHSUserID=$user_id; path=/;");
>If anyone could help me on this one, that would be great!
>David Balatero
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