Hi Everyone,

Is it just me, or something is BADLY wrong with some MySQL functions?
Is there some rule in which order to call mysql functions?
I made following routine:

<!--- code start -->
    function prikazi_masku($tablica, $key_field, $key_value) {
        global $mycon_id;
        $data = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM $tablica WHERE $key_field='" .
$key_value . "'", $mycon_id);
        if(!$data) {
                echo("MySQL Error: " . mysql_error() . "<br>");
                return 0;
        if(mysql_affected_rows()==0) {
                echo('No data.<br>');
                return 0;

        echo("<table border=1 bgcolor=#e0e0e0 bordercolor=#e0e0e0
cellspacing=1 cellpadding=3>");
        echo("<tr bgcolor=#800080>");

        // First field and its value I show in different color
        $meta = mysql_fetch_field ($data);
        $data_row = mysql_fetch_array ($data);

        // Here I want to get number of fields
        $n = mysql_num_fields($data);
        echo("<td><b><font color=white>$meta->name</td>");
        echo("<td><b><font color=white>$data_row[0]</td></tr>");
        $i = 1;

        // Now I show fields from index 1 to the last field
        while ($i < $n) {
            $meta = mysql_fetch_field($data);

        return 1;
<!-- code end -->

Table I tried to show has 7 fields; first row (first field) show OK, but the
rest ARE EMPTY!!!
I tried to change the order of functions or anything, but it seems that
after first acces of mysql_fetch_field something happens to $data_row?!?
Can someone explain this and help me work out with it?


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