Paul Kozlenko wrote:
> Reporting errors to the web page I get;
> Warning: Sybase: Server message: Changed database context to 'pcs1prod'.
> (severity 10, procedure N/A) in /pcs/pk.php on line 10
> (where line 10 is actually the first line shown here - "sybase_connect")
> Data does come back however after a long period.
> Does anybody have any clues I might look for?
> I appreciate any help here from anybody.

The problem is that the standard install of php set the
"sybct.min_server_severity" to 10, and 10 is definitively not the first
level of error reporting for SYBASE servers. For example when you issue
a "use mydatabase" SQL statement, you got a message of severity 10 to
tell you that the database switching is ok ... 

The first real level of warning for a SYBASE server is 11 so you'll have
to edit your php.ini file and set the correct value to this parametters

Here is my own configuration :

sybase.min_server_severity      =       11      ; minimum server message
severity to display
sybase.min_client_severity      =       11      ; minimum client message
severity to display

Attention apparently these values doni't do anything with PHP4, or there
are here for compatibility from older version of PHP :

sybase.min_error_severity       =       11      ; minimum error severity
to display
sybase.min_message_severity     =       11      ; minimum message
severity to display

Hope this will help you !


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