I am currently in the progress of setting up a page for my client located at which integrates a PHP search function to
find keywords on a page. The problem I am running into now is when I goto
that main.html page, I get this "\n", $header); } } ?>" message above my
Flash movie and have no idea why it is causing it on the Unix server with
PHP 4.05.

The thing is the PHP search and the Flash movie work fine for searches even
with that message, its just that I'm looking for a way to remove it. The
funny thing about it is it shows up only on IE and Netscape 6 for the PC/Mac
but Netscape 4.76 doesn't show that text. weird.

P.S. If you notice the Search Results open in the top frameset, its ok
becuase I know that already. I wanted to fix this before altering the Flash
to have it point to the bottom frame. Thanks for your time! :)

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