I am writing php code on a Unix server which reads a call to Micro$oft SQL statement 
via asp on an IIS server.  I am using file() to get the results.

This works beautifully:

$fcontents = file ("http://www.domain.com/URLSearch.asp?Info=$info";);

The results of the query are in $fcontents.  Pretty standard php stuff.

However, when I make the same call on a secure connection (as in) , 
$fcontents = file ("https://www.domain.com/URLSearch.asp?Info=$info";);

I get the following error message:

Warning: file("https://www.domain.com/URLSearch.asp?Info=$info";) - No such file or 
directory in /home/mysite/phplib/getinfo.php on line 4

The only change in the entire code is the "s".

Let me see if I can answer some questions before they are asked:

Yes. I am actually getting real content on the non-secure connection.
Yes. The secure connection is really functional on the other server.  (I can actually 
cut the above address and paste it into the address bar and get the results that I am 

So, my question is "How do I read this secure file?"  No one even mentions https in 
the file() function section of php.net.



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