Neil wrote:
> I want to build a site using classes and was wondering is there an Oracle
> Database class that I can use instead of writing one from scratch. I don't
> want to use abstraction layers. Can aynone direct me to a place where I can
> dowload such a class definition?

You may want to try Metabase. Among many other things, it lets you for
instance retrieve a range of rows of a select query so you can manage
large result set and only display or process the part of them that you
want. It's sort like using MySQL LIMIT clause but under Oracle.

There are several other useful classes based on Metabase that you can
use when dealing with databases:

Interchanging data between forms and databases

Query result table display class

Metabase is freely available and has been downloaded by over 5.300 PHP
users from here:

Manuel Lemos

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