Thanks Ron and Miles,

> First off, it sounds to me like you are doing this a non-expandable way.
> Unless you never ever plan to set up a survey again I would not hard code
> columns for each question.

This is one of "those" gigs. Needed to be done a week ago, by the person
that started it, a month ago. And it must be used before June 1.  So
anything goes at this point. The DB was hard-coded when I got here.

> If you are not willing (or being paid enough) to do this properly up front
> well, you will have to go with a sloppy hack where you do something like this
> in the second table:

Yeah. I'm gonna have to go with this one. Thanks. But one other question:
what should the variable be echoing.

<.input type="checkbox" name="cb_name['value']">this here option</input>

if ( $HTTP_POST_VARS ) {
    echo $cb_name['value'];

It's not coming up with anything. (Yeah, the norm applies, the if
statement in the <.head>, etc, just trying to be brief).

When it's check it should return true right, I've never done checkboxes?

Thanks again,


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