I am trying to run oracle, mysql, and mssql with php using Apache on Windows 2000. 
Apache would not start when I tried to load certain extensions in php.ini. Some 
extensions work and others do not. Mssql and oracle both would not work. I read 
somewhere that putting libsasl.dll in the winnt\system32 directory might work so I did 
that and it fixed php_mssql.dll, but neither of the oracle dlls will work.  I 
suspected that apache might be the problem so I tried BadBlue and it still does not 
work. Everytime I try to load a php script it gives me a popup error box that says 
"Could not find module d:\php\extensions\php_oci8.dll"  when I know for a fact that it 
is in that directory as well as many others.

Is there another file I need to add to system32 that php_oci8.dll requires?

I never ran into this problem installing oracle and php on win98 and PWS.

- Doug

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