Hi all,

I am looking for Data Warehousing and/or OLAP applications.

Two questions:
1)Anybody has experience in using PHP + DB (ie. MySQL or PostgresSQL or
....) for data warehousing?
2)Anybody has tried to implement OLAP engine for data warehousing
using PHP + DB (i.e.e MySQL or PostgresSQL or ....)???

3)Anybody knows about a spcecific DB for this kind of applications which
is integrated/interfaced with PHP?
I thank You in advance!
Have a nice day ...
Dr. Corrado Topi
Responsabile Sezione Progetti Speciali
Elbi International S.p.A. - Gruppo Bitron 
Via De Amicis, 78 
10093 Collegno, TO, Italy
Ph:     + 39 0114102 544
Fax:    + 39 0114102 265
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