Saw all the other replies, and they are correct, but what you want now is 
an UPDATE, not an INSERT. You have the record, you are amending it.


At 10:54 AM 5/21/01 +0200, Bartek Pawlik wrote:
>I have problem with INSERT statement in PostgresSQL v.7.0.3.
>In one script I insert values in column1,column3,column5.
>Later I want to fill column2 and column4.
>I use
>INSERT INTO table (column2,column4) VALUES ('$x','$y') WHERE (column1 = $z)
>  Php shows:
>Warning: PostgreSQL query failed: ERROR: parser: parse error at or near 
>"where" in file.php on line x
>Thanks in advance
>Bartek Pawlik
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