What's up? I am running into a slight problem with a search funtion and I
was wondering if any of you PHP gurus can help me out.

My current situation is where I have a Search script via this DGS Search at
http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/5477.html and when I do a search for a
specific item, it shows the item as it should in the results page and I can
click on it bringing me to the page with that word on it.

The thing I am running into is when I do a direct search for an exact item
and click the Search result in the page it brings me to the top of the page
wheras the item is contained in the middle of the page.

Is there a way if I have anchor tags setup for each item that when I click
the results for a Search the link directs me to that anchor tag?

btw.. the site search test is at and test it
out by typing in words like LS-4000. I can send the source on request. thx!

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