I want to insert data in to a blob. So I followed the steps in de docs, but
when I try to execute this script in the IBConsole:

begin declare section;
      based on test.v1 document;
      based on test.v1.segment BlobV1Buffer;
      based on test.state CA;
      unsigned short BlobV1Len;
end declare section;

  declare CursorV1 cursor for insert blob v1 into test;

  open CursorV1 into :document;

  sprintf(BlobV1Buffer, 'First blob tekst');

   BlobV1Len = strlen(BlobV1Buffer);

  insert cursor CursorV1 values (:BlobV1Buffer:BlobV1Len);

  close CursorV1;

insert into test (state,v1) values ('CA',:document);

an error message pops up:


Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -104
Token unknown - line 1, char 0
Statement: begin declare section

How do I solve this problem?


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