We use a informix IDS2000 server  on a linux machine together with php 4.05
on Apache. As a test we wrote the following script:

$conn_id = ifx_connect("unipps","informix","sqLOpen");
if (! $conn_id)
  echo "connection failed";

$ergebnis = ifx_query("select ident_nr from personal", $conn_id);
if(! $ergebnis)
  echo "selection failed";

ifx_htmltbl_result($ergebnis, "border=\"2\"");
echo $ergebnis;
echo $conn_id;

The connect seems to work, because we get a syntax error if we use a wrong
field-name in the select. We receive the following error when executing this

Warning: Describe fails (E [SQLSTATE=37 000 SQLCODE=-410]) in
/v/u/robert/public_html/datenbank.php on line 8

(line 8 is the line $ergebnis = ifx_query("select ident_nr from personal",

What wents wrong?


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