Leftovers as in.

Forward:  Set up a system that logs a user in using cookies, and based on
thier access level they can view 1.php, 2.php or 1 and 2.php.

IT works:  Yes it does work, and seems to do nicely.  Grabs info from DB and
applies it to the cookie..lots of fun :)

Main File:  A go.php script that sets up all the access levels, assigns
cookies, grants access etc..etc.. (your basic all in 1 script)

Home File:  Myhome.php lets the user browse the allowed selections.  When a
user refreshes the page.....

PROBLEM:  It prints the value of the cookie out on thier page.



0  = cookie value on page.

what "could" be causing this ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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