Have what I think is kind of a weird situation going on...

I have a survey that's dynamically built from a mysql database. The basic
logic of the program is to create a table based on user name, then read 10
questions from the "master" table, and insert them into the user table once
the user completes a page. The next page repeats the process, with the
additional step of checking the user table after each master table read to
make sure there are no duplicate questions being processed. Once all the
questions are read and the user completes the test, the user table is then
dropped and life goes on... (Note: I know there is probably a MUCH better
way to do this, but I was in a rush and this was my first attemp at
PHP...I'm definitely open for suggestions...)

The problem some of my users are running into is that occasionally wierd
things begin to occur, such as *some* of the questions not displaying
(there's no pattern that I've found  to which ones don't display when this
occurs, and they're all pulled from the database) while the response radio
buttons for the missing questions will display just fine... or the page
won't show up at all...  or, one page will show up, the next one won't, and
then the next one will...I've not been able to duplicate any of these at all
myself. They're platform independent - I know of a case where it occured on
a Win2000 machine and a Mac G3...

Now for the newbie questions:
Is there significant resource usage on the client side when dealing with
php/mysql?  I wouldn't think there should be any, but...

I'm not passing a lot of variables through the form, but does doing this eat
significant resources on the client side? Or, would it be better to pass all
the "used" question thru the form instead of creating and using the user

And finally - does anyone have any idea where I should start looking?
There's nothing in any error logs that indicate any problems...


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