When trying to insert anything into a BLOB column in informix I get a
-609 error back (invalid use of TEXT/BYTE host variable), no matter
what parameters used when ifx_create_blob'ing. Inserting into TEXT
columns does work OK.
When trying to read anything from a TEXT or BLOB column, php dies.
"child pid 4286 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)"
SuSE 7.0
Linux 2.2.19-i686 (PIII)
Informix Dynamic Server 2000 Version 9.21.UC3
apache 1.3.17
Sun Solaris 7
Informix Dynamic Server 2000 Version 9.20.UC2
apache 1.3.11
Attached you'll find a) the db definition b) a small script for
inserting data and c) a small script to read the data.
As the informix code didn't change in 4.0.5 (no diff on source in
extensions/informix) I haven't tried upgrading.
Help appreciated.
create database test_shen in public;

database test_shen;

create table test (
       id serial,
       b1 blob,
       t1 text,
       primary key (id)

select * from test;

grant connect to 'infdb1';
grant all on test to 'infdb1';

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