I've got two tables:

        CREATE TABLE users (
           user_id bigint(20) unsigned DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
           contact_id bigint(20) unsigned DEFAULT '0',
           user_login varchar(100) NOT NULL,
           PRIMARY KEY (user_id),
           UNIQUE UC_user_id (user_id)

        CREATE TABLE contacts (
           contact_id bigint(20) unsigned DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL,
           contact_type varchar(100) NOT NULL,
           contact_value mediumtext,
           PRIMARY KEY (contact_id, contact_type),
           KEY idx_contacts (contact_id, contact_type)

In the table "users" the field "user_id" is a unique key for every user,
"user_login" contains an identification string to login into an system.
"contact_id" is the id of the entries in the table "contacts" which
contain more information about the user.

The special thing about this is that there are more than one entries in
the table "contacts" for each user. For example to store the prename of
a user, the following entry exists:

        INSERT INTO contacts VALUES ( '1', 'person/prename', 'Michael

At the SAME time there's a second entry in the table "contacts" for the
user's surname:

        INSERT INTO contacts VALUES ( '1', 'person/surname', 'Mehl');

The problem: How is it possible -- for example using temporary tables --
to do a query whose result is a table with the fields "user_login" and
two other fields "user_prename" and "user_surname" containing the
corresponding values from the table "contacts".

Best regards and thanks in advance...

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