I am trying to access a Berkeley database V1.85 using PHP V4.0.5 (on Windows
2000) without success.

I have tried the dbmopen() routines and dba_open(..., ..., "dbm") routines.
dbmopen() etc. are successful but the results suggest that they do not
support this database
format. The dba_open() routine returns 'Warning: no such handler: dbm in
"dba.php" on line 26'.

php_db.dll and php_dba.dll are dynamically loaded.

1) Is DB1 another name for Berkeley DB 1.x?

2) Which database routines do I need to use?

3) Alternatively, can I use mysql V3.23 to manage the berkeley DB?
I did not find any useful information in this regard.

4) I wish to avoid converting the database format if at all possible.

5) The database is a Redhat Source Navigator project.

Any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

David Robinson

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