Hi All,
I have an Admin section for my site (where users fill in web forms and it
changes the site and upload facility for images) and would like a script
that does a User Logon page.  Password is enough.  I have created a TABLE in
my mySQL database called bw_password with two fields id and password.
Does anyone have a handy script.  I tried but to no avail, I was trying to
send the header to redirect if the password in the input box matches the
database password but it kept saying that the header was already sent..  I
tried Javascript aswell, doing a location.href = "URL" within the "if"
If anyone can send me one they have and I can try and modify it then or at
least understand it.  I am a beginner so please be nice!!
Thanks in advance 

Lisa Rubanowicz 
Case ITC, 
Navan, Ireland 
Tel: #353 (0)46 77663



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