Hi all,

I'm totaly lost. I have a Linux server (Debian Potato), which runs
Apache (1.3.14) + PHP (4.0.5) and MySQL (3.23.39).

Now, I need to connect to other machine (NT) which runs MS SQL 7 and I
need to insert some data to this machine. I'll read this data from my
MySQL and I need to store them to the MS SQL. The data will be text
strings, date, integers, real (not blobs or any binary data).

So, I need to compile PHP to be able to connect to this MS SQL machive.
But I don't know how to do it. 
Should I do it via native MS SQL functions (and driver) or via ODBC? The
speed won't be so critical, because the PHP will connect to MS SQL eg.
every 30 minutes and copy some data from the MySQL. (Well, I need to
replicate MySQL db to the MSSQL db - so every 30 minutes I'll send there
only the new records).

- What can you recommend? ODBC or native functions? 
- What is the difference between UnixODBC and iODBC? Which one I should
- I found FreeTDS and Sybase drivers. Which one is better and more

The goal is to replicate MySQL to MS SQL (only some tables) and it does
not matter if it is done via ODBC or native functions, but it must be

Thanks for your help.

Martin Pavlas
ParsCom IS s.r.o.

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