Do your first query, then run this (for one record returned).

while($row = ifx_fetch_row($query_result_id)) {
        for(reset($row); $fieldname=key($row); next($row)) {
                $$fieldname = $row[$fieldname];                 

Do your second query.

The while statement will set each field value equal to the field name.


> > What I want to do is create another query from some of the data from
> > one. The question is how do I take the data I get back from my first
> > and put that into variables so I can build my second query. The example
> > have in mind is:
> > I a do a select tracknum,orderdate,ordertotal,status,shipdate from
> > where tracknum = '$trknum' and I want the data returned into vars: like
> > orderdate = $orderdate so I can create a new query like: select * from
> > shipping where orderdate = '$orderdate'.

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